MosBuild 201719.04.2017

MosBuild 2017 Moskau 04.04. – 07.04.2017

International Exhibition of Building and Finishing Materials in Moscow

The KERN-DEUDIAM product range shown at the exhibition was tailored to the Russian market. Therefore, it was no surprise that the customers immediately became aware of the German diamond tools and machines.

The further developed drilling systems and diamond tools with the real German quality from “KERN-DEUDIAM” gave all customers inspiration. Due to the crisis in Russia many customers had to look for an optimal price/ performance ratio. This was the reason why the diamond tools and machine from KERN-DEUDIAM are the focus!

The exhibition was a great opportunity for the visitors to look closely at the German machines and diamond tools and to ask technical questions. Every machine and every diamond tool showed that KERN-DEUDIAM responded to customer requirements quickly and seriously in order to make the work of the customer as easy as possible and effective.

The exhibition for KERN-DEUDIAM was also easy and effective.