KERN-DEUDIAM on social media24.09.2018

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The time has come: KERN-DEUDIAM is one of the first companies in German diamond tool industry to enter the world of social media. From now on we enable you to get current impressions of our company online so that you can follow our work, our innovations and our quality products “Made in Germany” – entertaining and interesting for everyone. You can subscribe to us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as well as in the business networks XING and LinkedIn.

While YouTube focuses on moving images, for example on video tutorials or so-called “how-to” clips, you can experience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram current events from our headquarters at Hövelhof and as well from all around the world. Get in touch with us at any time and share your reactions and moments (with KERN-DEUDIAM products). Of course, this also works on XING and LinkedIn, but you will additionally find our current job offers and B2B-news here.

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