New Spotify Playlist!21.10.2020

The best songs about diamonds

At KERN-DEUDIAM in Hövelhof we work with diamonds every day and we just love them. That’s why we dedicate a Spotify playlist to them with a whole bunch of great, classic and even weird songs about diamonds from different eras and genres. Dozens of musicians have already been creative about diamonds and their unbelievable characteristics: often they stand for glamor, wealth and luxury, sometimes they symbolize shining stars in the night sky and often they are synonymous with strength, durability and rarity. Unfortunately, it has not been sung about core bits, cup grinders and saw blades, yet – even though our tools would definitely had deserved this. Eventually, they defy every day and without grumbling reinforced concrete, masonry, asphalt, tiles or porcelain stoneware and are extremely reliable companion.

Die besten Songs über Diamanten haben wir hier für Euch zusammengestellt. Diese motivieren Euch sicher nicht nur auf der Baustelle!

Mood boosting in all situations

How Prince, Rihanna, The Beatles, Jay-Z, Pink Floyd or Arcade Fire think and feel about diamonds you can now experience here – no matter if you are on the way to construction site, changing from core drilling to wall sawing, or just need power for your next DIY project: these songs are real mood boosters and extremely entertaining!

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