The sustainable way of core drilling.01.04.2021

100% sustainable. The new OrganiX core drill bits.

The world’s first 100% sustainable, biodegradable core bit. Entirely vegan and made from raw materials regrowing in Europe – and of course “Made In Germany”.

Particularly suitable for working on low-energy houses and wind turbines as well as for installing solar systems and e-charging stations. The innovative “OrganiX” segments are manufactured according to our own secret recipe (using crystals from Switzerland) and are even made for extremely demanding missions such as the dismantling of coal-fired power plants, waste incineration plants or ship hulls..

Unfortunately, OrganiX is (still) just an April Fool’s joke. However, expressly not a joke for us at KERN-DEUDIAM is sustainability as well as a determined reduction of our environmental footprint. We are proud that we have been producing the vast majority of our premium products in Germany (Hövelhof, North Rhine-Westphalia) for over 40 years. This is great for the environment.

Moreover, we have recently been able to realize some significant steps towards more sustainable production including the transition to 100% green electricity and a consistent recycling of raw materials. Short distances in accordance with high regulatory standards and the applied quality management system (KERN-DEUDIAM is certified by TÜV according to ISO 9001:2015) support our plans – and our next projects (e.g. avoidance of plastic packaging) we are already pursuing with full force!