We donate instead of making gifts.

Thanks for your confidence in KERN-DEUDIAM, your loyalty and good cooperation. We wsih you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas season.

This year, KERN-DEUDIAM has decided to not make Christmas presents but to donate the amount previously spent to social projects. In this way, we would like to support local voluntary service, the extraordinary work and the relentless dedication to society and, as a company, express how much we appreciate it. We hope to act with this symbol also in your sense and interest.

“Hövelhof hilft!”

The project “Hövelhof hilft” (“Hövelhof helps”) carries out demand-oriented relief operations in order to support the war-affected people in Ukraine with e.g. medicines, clothing and durable foodstuffs and needed relief materials. These are collected in Hövelhof and transported by numerous volunteers to the Ukraine to be received on site by a Ukrainian aid organization and forwarded to those who are in need.

We are pleased to be able to support this great project. You can also support “Hövelhof hilft” with a donation at hoevelhof.de/rathaus/unterstuetzung-ukraine and learn more about it!

Die “Tafel-Paderborn e.V.”

In addition, KERN-DEUDIAM donates a second amount to the “Tafel” food bank in Paderborn. This organization not only needs donations of food and goods, but also financial resources to pay for ongoing costs such as rent, vehicles, repairs and insurance. Like other food banks in Germany, the institution in Paderborn is also basically financed by donations from private individuals and companies.

Every week, the drivers of the “Tafel-Paderborn e.V.” collect food donations from donors on around 35 trips – approx. 500 kg daily, which are sorted and prepared for distribution at the central distribution point at Holsteiner Weg 104 by helpers, all of whom work voluntarily. With this, nearly 3,000 needy people in families or single persons with more than 1,500 children can be served. The volunteers also take care of the distribution.

You too can donate food, time or money and together with KERN-DEUDIAM and the food banks give food to people affected by poverty and support them!