Drilling in (reinforced) concrete without the use of water and with incredible speed? Dry drilling in concrete has been belonging to the range of services for many users and providers for some time now and more and more companies are now offering this service. Very rightly, since it is more than a trend, especially at sensitive locations where the use of water is impossible or would cause damages. In addition, it is also easier and cleaner to drill without water and therefore more productive and pleasant. KERN-DEUDIAM has now developed the dry core drill bit with LASER UNIX² further.

Trockenbohren mit der neuen UNIX² Trockenbohrkrone von KERN-DEUDIAM

Advanced dry drilling in concrete

We have optimized our most successful dry core drill bit with the LASER UNIX² and customized it further to your requirements and needs. We do not only want you to save water and avoid contamination but also to drill far more efficiently and productively at all locations. Extremely quick and even possible in concrete with reinforcements, natural stones and sand-lime brick (also possible with our UNIX² socket drill bit).

X²-diamond segments: innovative & extremely fast cutting

As always, our core drill bits are “Made in Germany”. We are not only proud of our production in Hövelhof (North Rhine-Westphalia), but also of our consistent and continuous product development. Therefore, we created a new mixture for our new LASER UNIX² drill bit: X² diamond segments. These segments enjoy the feature of extreme sharp and fast cutting as well as the removal of drilling dust due to their special form. A further important booster in your drilling process is our modern laser welding process where the diamond segments are applied on the body – logically!

Advantages of the new dry core drill bit LASER UNIX²

  • You can drill deeper due to the useful length of 300 mm
  • The special shaft of the LASER UNIX² minimizes friction in the material and the risk of getting stuck
  • Standard 1 ¼ “UNC connection – simply get started
  • extreme fast cutting
  • Special newly developed mixture & extreme fast X² diamond segments allowing the removal of drilling dust
  • Dry drilling in reinforced concrete with soft impact and extraction
  • laser welded and Made in Germany



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Jetzt neu! Die KERN-DEUDIAM UNIX² Trockenbohrkrone
UNIX² dry core drill bit

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