PQ6 | The new tool free core drill connector

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Finally, it is possible to change drill bits ergonomically, faster, easier and especially safer as the new tool-less drill bit connection PQ6 saves you annoying and time-consuming tools inserts during assembly and disassembly every day. As of now searching for and carrying additional tools to change your drill bits are a thing of the past!

It is simply faster without tools:

        • It is faster with the PQ6! It takes considerably more time with a conventional drill bit connection, even if you keep your tools handy. The PQ6 connection saves valuable seconds at each change. This adds up when changing 8 drill bits a day. You quickly reach 60 minutes per week that are available for more important things.


        • The core jams, the diameter changes or another material has to be processed? Save unnecessary walks to the toolbox in the construction vehicle – at each change of the drill bit on your drilling motor. Just change the core drill that way: Open the screw cap, change the drill bit, close the screw cap and continue with drilling!


        • You will notice it directly: the drill bit with PQ6 connection is mounted directly and securely on your drilling machine. No sagging or shaking at the spindle. During horizontal drilling, the drill bit can easily be located on the spindle and both hands are free to lock the nut. The drill bit can even be mounted with one hand, as you can see in the video.


        • Significantly lower risk of injury: no slipping during assembly/disassembly, ergonomic assembly thanks to the screw cap.


Learn about all advantages of the new developed system, why it simplifies and makes your work much more efficient. You save a lot of nerves and time with the PQ6. Write us if you want to test the new system or convert immediately! You have only worked with conventional connections so far, such as the 1 ¼” UNC? That is no problem at all! We have suitable adapters for all your drill bits as well as for your motors!

Ready. Tool-free. Go.

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