Associations & Memberships


Trade association concrete drilling and- sawing Germany inc.

Since 1st January 2015 KERN-DEUDIAM Diamantwerkzeuge und Maschinen GmbH is a member in the trade association concrete drilling and- sawing.

With nearly 700 members, consisting of contractors and manufacturers, the trade association concrete drilling and- sawing is the worldwide strongest employers’ association of this branch. The education and continuously training of certified staff, the support of technical innovations as well as the creation and mediation of national and European norms are  the aims among other things. In addition technical and juridical assistance in all areas of the company management are given to the members and principals are supported with the choice of certified professional companies.



VDMA – association of German machine-and plant building inc.

Since 1st January 2014 KERN-DEUDIAM Diamantwerkzeuge und Maschinen GmbH is a member in the association German machine-and plant building inc. – briefly VDMA.

The VDMA represents more than 3.100 mainly medium size member companies of the equipment industry and is thereby one of the member-strongest and most important confederations of industries in Europe.

The machine- and plant building is a key technology and the engine for the economy. With a turnover of 205. 8 billion EURO (2013) and 986.000 employees (2013) in the home country, the branch is the biggest industrial employer and one of the leading German industrial branches all together. The products and services of the machine- and plant building sector enjoy worldwide high respect. About two thirds of the German production is for the export.

In the VDMA the whole chain of processes is reflected – from the component up to the arrangement, from the system supplier via the systemintegrator up to the service provider. We reflect the varied customer-supplier’s relations along the value added chain and allow a trade-specific and cross-border cooperation.



Association of German grinding tool manufactures inc.

Since 1st May 2015 KERN-DEUDIAM Diamantwerkzeuge und Maschinen GmbH is a member in the association of German grinding tool manufactures Inc. – briefly VDS

The purpose of the association founded on 4th January 1917 is to deal with all, the industrial branch abrasive and grinding tools to concerning questions.

Political and ideological activity is expressly excluded. In detail the VDS aims

• to perceive and to promote the economic and juridical interests of his member’s companies.

• the member’s companies in all technical as well as professional questions and duties, with hang together with the production and the distribution of grinding tools to consult and to support.

• standardization, typing, safety, testing and acceptance standards and labeling rules for grinding tools to develop and to treat other comprehensive technical issues of the industry and deliver solutions. This includes the environment in law, political and disposal policy issues and DIN / EN / ISO certification and eco-auditing.

• to provide association-internal production-and sales statistics.

• To produce connections between the members and the authorities as well as all other offices and by granting of information, allowance of certificate, statistical elevations to discuss these offices in the interest of the member’s companies.

• to pursue industrial politics about the borders of our country away with European as well as worldwide associations and organisations.

• The VDS represents as the biggest national association for grinding Technology in Europe the interests of the  German abrasive industry.

• in the European association of the abrasive manufacturers: FEPA (Fédération Européenne of the Fabricants de Produits Abrasifs), Paris.

• as a member in the UAMA, the Unified Abrasives  Manufacturers’ association. You find a list with publications of the UAMA and US standards here: Publication list (xls file)

• in the grinding technology concerned in production and utilization BG expert committees.

• as a member in German Institute for Standardization Berlin as well as as a sponsor in the standards committee tools and instep witness (FWS). In close collaboration with the FWS the appropriate national norms of abrasive grits and grinding tools are provided and developed

• as a decisive sponsor of the secretariat of the ISO-Komittees TC 29 / SC 5 for the production or check of ISO norms relevant for abrasive

• as a member in the Komittee CEN / TC143 / WG2 to the harmonisation of the European security standardization for grinding tools.




International Association of Concrete Drillers & Sawers

Since 2019, KERN-DEUDIAM Diamantwerkzeuge und Maschinen GmbH has been a member of the IACDS, the organization representing associations, companies and professionals in the concrete drilling and sawing industry around the world.

The IACDS focuses intensively on providing an international union in collaboration with trade associations and also pursues further objectives such as exchanging information on techniques, working methods and training, maintaining contacts with similar organizations in other parts of the world and promoting international standards on the development of professional drilling and sawing contractors and their methods.