New diamond core drills BETO and UNIX2 by KERN-DEUDIAM
Werkzeugproduktion Tool Production


KERN-DEUDIAM Diamond Tools and Machines

over 45 years, KERN-DEUDIAM has been one of the leading manufacturers of diamond tools and machinery in Germany with worldwide business relationships. Explore our portfolio and a variety of products “Made in Germany”!

The Trademark KERN for the specialized trade

The Trademark KERN embodies our fundamental principles in the specialized trade. Our KERN competencies focus on diamond tools for stone and concrete processing. The name KERN indicates our expertise, which forms the basis for reliable and trustworthy collaboration, not only with specialized trade but with all customers.

In addition, the brand DEUDIAM complements it

We place the greatest value on our production site in Hövelhof, Germany. Under the motto KERN competence DEUtsche DIAMantwerkzeuge (German diamond tools), we stand for quality and commitment. The development, research, and production of our tools take place in Hövelhof. “Made in Germany” is our commitment.

Our most valuable asset, the team!

Our team at KERN-DEUDIAM in Hövelhof forms strong partnerships with professional drilling and sawing companies, forging collaborative relationships that fuel our ability to develop an extensive range of high-quality products and innovative solutions designed to excel in diverse applications.

State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies

Continuous development, research, and high-quality materials drive our long-term success. We strive for excellence, ensuring superior products and customer satisfaction.

KERN-DEUDIAM stands for quality

One of our most important principles is a quality-focused operational workflow, which is naturally a matter for the management.

KERN-DEUDIAM is certified

KERN-DEUDIAM is ISO 9001:2015 certified by TÜV Süd!

Stock of catalog items

Full stock levels are just as standard as fast and punctual delivery. Naturally, our employees are available on-site or by phone to provide advice and support. Finding solutions for your projects is a matter of honor for us.

Corporate philosophy

What we stand for as one of the leading manufacturers of diamond tools and machinery:

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Electric-Power: KDF1200-E

New floor saw development is ready to go!

Our new electric floor saw model with 15kW is ready to go

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Drilling without water

Dry drilling concrete more economically than ever!

The new dry core drill BETO by KERN-DEUDIAM was developed to drill concrete more economically than ever.

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Our sustainable products!

Our sustainable product line!

Diamond tools core drill bits on offer clearance sale

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