aiRing – plenty of room for improvement!

Discover the innovative solution for efficient concrete drilling with dust extraction – the aiRing by KERN-DEUDIAM! The aiRing takes concrete drilling to a whole new level by preventing the drilling core from blocking the extraction and ensuring continuous airflow during the drilling process.

Try out our new aiRing now!

Experience the benefits firsthand by trying our brand-new aiRing today! Simply place it before drilling, and the extraction remains unobstructed. Developed by KERN-DEUDIAM, the aiRing is protected by a utility model and manufactured in Germany to optimize concrete drilling. By using the aiRing, the airflow for extraction remains undisturbed, allowing for effective removal of drilling dust.

Without the aiRing, there is often a risk of the drilling core clogging the extraction due to the suction effect, hindering effective dust removal.

The aiRing is available in various diameters ranging from Ø 52 mm to Ø 92 mm at KERN-DEUDIAM! If you require additional diameters, you can request them from us upon inquiry!


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