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Diamond tools that offer the highest precision, quality, durability, and cutting performance even under the toughest conditions.

Our diamond tools surpass the limits of conventional variants. But how is that possible? By using high-quality materials from reliable partners and optimizing their design, we achieve exceptional manufacturing depth while maintaining consistent high quality.

Our specially developed diamond segments are manufactured under extreme conditions, with pressures up to 25 tons and temperatures up to 1000°C. After thorough cleaning and degreasing, they are applied to the tool body, with most products utilizing precise laser welding. At every step, we ensure that each tool is 100% inspected and traceable.

The subsequent grinding process gives the diamond segments the necessary sharpness and cutting performance. Upon request, we can paint the tools and provide precise laser engraving. Our service is our top priority, which is why we offer a comprehensive package that includes packaging and labels. With our global presence, we can reliably and quickly deliver to any location in the world.

100% Quality from Hövelhof        100% User-Friendliness        100% Made in Germany

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