KERN-DEUDIAM Electric Floor Saw

Why buy an electric floor saw?

You will find a diverse and wide variety of floor saw models in our KERN-DEUDIAM portfolio producing them here in Hövelhof (North Rhine-Westphalia). Naturally, they do not only differ in their power (e.g. 7.5 kW, 8.7 kW or 11 kW), their maximum depth of cut and dimensions, but also in their type of motorization. In addition to floor saws with gasoline engines, you also will find a comprehensive selection of electrically driven floor saws. We want to present some advantages and specifications in order to show that a floor saw should not be missing in your company (to extent your offer).


Advantages of floor saws are obvious:

It is appropriate, feasible or even necessary to use KERN-DEUDIAM electric floor saws depending on the work environment and type of cutting work. When covering a large distance on the road, it is not very reasonable to carry along the cable. Moreover, if you drive to several different assignments, you will need a machine being robust, compact and suitable for indoor usage: here it is!

Why are the advantages obvious? Our electric floor saws show a low level of vibration and reduce hand-arm vibrations which are responsible for diverse chronic complaints and diseases (e.g. bone and joint damage, circulatory disorders and neurological diseases) by 40 %.

Die Fugenschneider von KERN-DEUDIAM, hergestellt und entwickelt in Deutschland

Some unbeatable advantages of our electric models:

  • Electric floor saws do not emit emissions and are therefore easily applicable in closed rooms. Logical that this is also more environmentally friendly?
  • Speaking of environment: there is no smell of diesel and gasoline on site and environmental damage through leaking fuels with the e-motor.
  • Noise reduction: our electric motors are significantly quieter than combustion engines
  • No refuelling costs = lower operating costs
  • No risk of burns through overheated engines
  • Lower vibration, especially hand-arm vibrations
  • Robust construction
  • compact and easy in transport (see here)

Der neue, selbstfahrende elektrische Fugenschneider von KERN-DEUDIAM KDF1200-E

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