Our Team | Honest. Helpful. Professional.

Our Team. Honest. Helpful. Professional.

Our team is the heart of KERN-DEUDIAM. Our employees work daily on existing products and new developments. We would like to introduce you to some of our team members so that you can learn who manufactures our high-quality diamond tools and machines in Hövelhof. Our employees give their best every day!


In the interview, Mohamed tells you about the advantages of our products. Intensive research, development, and continuous improvement make us a leading manufacturer of diamond tools in Germany. Additionally, Mohamed reveals what matters in our new cobalt-free product line DTOX and the role sustainable and cobalt-free diamond tools will play in the construction industry in the future.


Phil Buckmaster is a talented painter at KERN-DEUDIAM , and his story exemplifies passion and dedication. Originally from Britain, he started as a temporary worker and officially joined the KERN-DEUDIAM team after six months. Phil has a moving personal history and has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to continue growing even in challenging times. His commitment is highly valued, and his story illustrates how dedicated team players contribute to collective success.


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