Company visit of the Month – November 200828.11.2008

Whether in the English-French tunnel, in the football ground of Bayer Leverkusen, in the Savoy hotel of London or five-star hotel Burj-al-Arab:

The diamond tools and machines from “KERN-DEUDIAM” are used worldwide in more than 50 countries. The special quality “Made in Hövelhof” mayor and economic sponsor could convince themselves in her latest company visit of the month.


In 1977 the well-known Hövelhofer enterpriser`s family Liemke founded together with another two partners, the company „DEUDIAM“ in the industry road. More than 30 years Hartwig Liemke was managing director of the company, which works with “German diamonds” and grew within a few years to one of the leading German manufacturers of diamond tools and machines.


“In Germany there are only 4-5 companies left, who still produce diamond tools”, tells the experienced enterpriser and refers to the huge development over the last years. In the beginning it was produced only for contractors, today in particular installation workers make use of the sharpness of the house “DEUDIAM”. This customer group also disclosed by the purchase of the Bielefelder company “KERN” which offered long experiences as a specialist supplier for sanitary companies via distribution.



Since beginning of 2008 both companies have melted under the Hövelhofer roof and are led by Marko Waymann. “We process yearly over 1.000.000 carats in industrial diamonds and produce around 100.000 diamond tools in different diameters”, the manager is very satisfied with the current situation.


For the right mixture stands production manager Sergio Gaertner, who compares his secret recipes to a cake pond: “I mix several metal powders like cobalt, copper, wolfram or iron and add the diamonds like raisins! If a hard material should be cut I need a soft mixture and vice versa”, the Brazilian metallurgist is about constantly to develop meeting demand products. At the end all different kinds of stone like concrete, asphalt, granite or marble must be able to be drilled or ground with these tools.


The company has an export share of approx. 55%  and served increasingly also the Middle East as well as East European countries. “Several famous companies sell our products under their own label, so that we are not always recognizable in distribution of our products”, Marko Waymann explains the marketing strategy of the innovative company. Currently “KERN-DEUDIAM” occupies a total of 30 employees and five free sales representatives.


from the left to the right. : Mayor Michael Berens, manager Marko Waymann, production manager Sergio Gaertner, finance officer Klaus-Dieter Borgmeier.


Also the “Westfälische Volksblatt”, the Nr. 1 in the circle and “Radio Hochstift”, it insisted and were present in the visit. „Radio Hochstift“ sent even live.